The fourth Israeli Presidential Conference Facing Tomorrow 2012, under the auspices of the President Shimon Peres, took place in Jerusalem, June 19-21, 2012
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"Homoconnecticus" – Technological Evolution or a Social Revolution

Date: Wednesday, June 20, 11:30 - 13:00
Location: Oren 2 Hall

The Internet and social networks have drastically changed the way we live. As proof, we only need to look at how David Ben Gurion opposed the introduction of televisions in Israel, while his protégé, Shimon Peres, launched a Facebook page together with Mark Zuckerberg. Today, with minimal effort, we can interact with contacts dispersed across the globe, locate lost friends, make new ones, and become integrated into communities addressing issues close to our hearts. These networks can be used for any number of purposes: education, recruitment, entertainment, marketing, spearheading protest movements, and even assisting in the downfall of governments. Are we talking about a mere improvement in technology or a change that will revolutionize the world as we know it? Alongside the latent benefits of social networks, are there also disadvantages and disruptions? Are we “more connected”, but also “more alone”?




Dr. Renana Peres, Israel: Assistant Professor of Marketing, School of Business Administration, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Former Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; Founding CEO, Persay Ltd.; Member, Editorial Board, International Journal of Research in Marketing.




Professor Sinan Aral, USA/Turkey: Assistant Professor, Information, Operations and Management Sciences, New YorkUniversity; Member, Academic Advisory Board, Institute for Innovation and Information Productivity. Recipient: Microsoft Faculty Fellowship, PopTech Science Fellowship, NSF CAREER Award, IBM Faculty Award.


Ms. Yonca Brunini, UK/Turkey:  - Senior Marketing Director for Pan-EMEA Consumer and Business Marketing and SEEMEA Marketing, Google; Committee Member, Prince’s Trust Women’s Leadership Group.



Dr. Raj Reddy, USA/India: Mozah Bint Nasser University Professor of Computer Science and Robotics, eSchool of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University; Member, National Academy of Engineering, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Recipient:  French Knight of the Legion of Honor; ACM Turing Award.


This Panel will be simultaneously translate into Hebrew and English.

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