The fourth Israeli Presidential Conference Facing Tomorrow 2012, under the auspices of the President Shimon Peres, took place in Jerusalem, June 19-21, 2012
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Israel's Security in the Aftermath of the Arab Spring

Date: Thursday, June 21, 16:00 - 17:30
Location: Oren 4 Hall

The turbulent changes in the Arab world have destabilized the strategic components that have characterized the Middle East arena. The pro-American constituents of the “axis of moderation” are again not as they were in the past. The downfall of Mubarak and the destabilization of relations with Turkey are increasing Israels strategic isolation. Concurrently, the axis of opposition, hostile to Israel Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas - is being shaken against the background of the threat to Assad’s sovereignty. These processes of change are occurring in parallel to Irans progress in its development of nuclear capacities and the increasing feeling in the region that Israels ally, the United States, is weakened and losing credibility in the Arab world, preferring to “lead from behind”. Does this strategic reality impact Israel's deterrence and call for a restructuring of Israels strategic thinking? Can strategic relations with Turkey and Egypt be rehabilitated? Can new strategic partnerships be cultivated? What tools does Israel have at its disposal in order to shape its strategic tomorrow?




Ms. Tallie Lipkin-Shahak, Israel: Editor, Presenter and Commentator, Current Affairs and Documentary Programs, Galey Tzahal Army Radio; former Anchorwoman, Erev Hadash, Israeli Educational Television, former Military Correspondent, Devar newspaper. Member, Ezrat Nashim Organization for women who are the victims of sexual violence.




Ambassador Moshe Arens, Israel: Chairman, International Board of Governors, Ariel University Center of Samaria; Chairman, Board of Directors, "Teuzah" Fund; Fellow, The Institute for Zionist Strategies; former Minister of Defense; former Minister of Foreign Affairs; former Israeli Ambassador to the United States; former Deputy Director-General, Israel Aircraft Industries; former Associate Professor of Aeronautics, Technion. Author: Broken Covenant (1995), Flags Over The Warsaw Ghetto (2011).


Professor Anthony Cordesman, USA: Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC; former National Security Assistant to Senator John McCain; Former Civilian Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense; Former Director, North American Treaty Organization-Warsaw Pact Analysis Group International Staff, NATO.


Professor Yehezkel Dror, Israel: Professor of Political Science, Wolfson Chair Professor of Public Administration, Emeritus, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem; former Founding President, Jewish People Policy Institute; Author: Be Our Leader! A Guide for Perplexed Jewish-Zionist Foundational Leaders (2011) (in Hebrew), Israeli Statecraft: National Security Challenges and Responses (2011). Recipient: Israel Prize, Landau Prize, Nadav Award.


Lt. Gen. (Res.) Dan Haloutz, Israel: Former Chief of the General Staff, Israeli Defense Forces; former Commander, Israeli Air Force; Chairman, Etgarim special-needs charity.


Brig. Gen. (Res.) Yossi Kuperwasser, Israel: Director-General, Ministry of Stategic Affairs; former Head, Research and Assessment Division, Israeli Military Intelligence.


The panel will be simultaneously translated into Hebrew and English.

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