The third Israeli Presidential Conference Facing Tomorrow 2011, under the auspices of the President Shimon Peres, took place in Jerusalem, June 21-23, 2011
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The Israeli Presidential Conference: Facing Tomorrow
Inspired by the vision of the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, the Israeli Presidential Conference is a meeting place for exploring the developments shaping our future as well as the decisions and actions needed to be taken for paving the way toward a better tomorrow for Israel, the Jewish people and the entire world.
Facing Tomorrow 2012- the fourth annual conference under the auspices of the President of the State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, will take place in Jerusalem, June 19-21 2012.
The Conference will bring together the greatest thinkers - 200 experts, leaders and influential individuals from a spectrum of relevant fields - in support of our collective future. The discussions will take place within the framework of plenary sessions and a remarkably diverse array of panels, master classes and round table discussions – a total of approximately 40 sessions – dedicated to designing a better tomorrow.
Some of this year’s session topics include:
  • The Arab Spring and Its Aftermath
  • The 2012 US Elections and Beyond
  • Europe – Between Integration and Separation
  • Asia on the Rise – it’s Impact on the World, the State of Israel, and the Jewish People
  • Tomorrow’s Religion
  • The World Economy
  • The Challenge of Nurturing Young Jewish Leadership in Diaspora
  • The Challenge in Jewish Existence in Diaspora
  • Young Judaism – Is Something Else Being Created?
  • Diaspora Jews – What do they Expect from the State of Israel?
  • Judaism and Democracy – Today’s Tests and the Challenges of Tomorrow
  • The Tent Protest - An Israeli Phenomenon and a Global Phenomenon
  • The State of Israel vs. Its De-legitimization Agents
  • Israel’s Concept of National Security in Light of the Changing Trends in the Middle East and the World
  • The Tomorrow of Jewish-Arab Co-Existence in Israel
  • Israel's Economy within the World Economic Crisis
  • Homo-Connecticus: Man Online and Social Networks as a Force Generating Tomorrow
  • Philosophers Talk about Tomorrow
  • The Chance for a Greener Tomorrow
  • Brain Research and the Human Tomorrow
  • Tomorrow’s Science
  • Tomorrow’s Medicine
  • Tomorrow’s Art




This year, discussions will be brought to life by the following extraordinary people, (Confirmed speakers listed alphabetically):
  • Mr. Ziad AbuZayyad (Palestinian Authority): Member, Palestinian Legislative Council
  • Professor Peter Beinart (USA): Senior Political Writer, The Daily Beast
  • Professor Jonathan Benthall, UK: Honorary Research Fellow, Department of Anthropology, UniversityCollege London; Associate Fellow, Humanitarian and Conflict Response Institute, University of Manchester
  • Professor Hagai Bergman (Israel): Professor of Medical Neurobiology, Institute for Medical Research Israel -Canada, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Mr. Pierre Besnainou (France): President, Foundation of French Judaism
  • Rt. Hon. Tony Blair (UK): Former Prime Minister; Official Envoy of the Quartet to the Middle East
  • Professor Olaf Blanke (Switzerland): Director, Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
  • Ms. Carolyn Bogush (UK): Global Chair, LIMMUD
  • Professor Larry  Brilliant, (USA):President, Skoll Global Threats Fund
  • Ms. Yonca Brunini (UK/Turkey): Senior Director of Marketing, Google (EMEA)
  • Professor Anthony Cordesman (USA): Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington DC
  • Mr. Yuval Diskin (Israel): Former Head, Israeli Security Agency
  • Professor Yehezkel Dror (Israel):  Professor Emeritus of Political Science, The Hebrew  University; former FoundingPresident of JPPPI
  • Amb. Stuart Eizenstat (USA): Former White HouseChief Domestic Policy Adviser; former U.S. Under Secretary of State and UnderSecretary of Commerce
  • Professor Niall Ferguson (UK): Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, HarvardUniversity; William Ziegler Professor of Business Administration, HarvardBusiness School
  • Professor Eran Feitelson (Israel): Former Chair, Department of Geography; former Head, Federmann School of Public Policy and Government, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Dr. Giora Feuerstein (USA/Israel): Chief Scientific Officer & VP, Translational Medicine
  • Mr. Emanuele Fiano (Italy): Member, Italian Chamber of Deputies, Partito Democratico
  • Professor Stanley Fischer (Israel): Governor of the Bank of Israel
  • Mr. Abraham Foxman (USA): National Director  Anti-Defamation League
  • Professor Dan Galai (Israel): Dean, Jerusalem School of Business Administration; Abe Gray Professor of Business Administration, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Mr. Pat Gelsinger (USA): President and Chief Operating Officer, EMC Corporation
  • Mr. Julius Genachowski  (USA): Chairman, Federal Communications Commission
  • Dr. Micah Goodman (Israel): Philosopher; Founder and Director, Mechinat Ein Prat
  • Professor Richard Haass  (USA): President, Council on Foreign Relations
  • Professor Moshe Halbertal, Israel: Professor of Law, New York University; Professor of Jewish Thought and Philosophy, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Ms. Ayaan Hirsi-Ali (The Netherlands) : Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
  • Dr. Malcolm Hoenlein (USA) Executive Vice Chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations
  • Professor Jeffrey Hoffman (USA): Former NASA Astronaut; Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT
  • Ms. Deborah Housen-Couriel (Israel/USA): Director, Wexner Foundation's Israel Fellowship Program
  • Mr. Jeff Howe (USA): Contributing Editor, Wired Magazine
  • Lord Julian Hunt (UK): Emeritus Professor of Climate Modeling, Department of Earth Sciences , Honorary Professor of Mathematics, University College London
  • Ms. Abby Joseph-Cohen (USA): President, Global Markets Institute; Partner and Senior US Investment Strategist, Goldman Sachs
  • Professor Daniel Kahneman (USA/Israel): Nobel Prize Laureate in Economic Sciences
  • Professor Nina Khrushcheva (USA/Russia): Professor of International Affairs, The New School
  • Dr. Henry A. Kissinger (USA): Former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State
  • Mr. Kapil Komireddi (India): Writer of foreign affairs and Indian foreign policy
  • Mr. Justin Korda (Israel): Executive Director, ROI Community
  • Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer (USA): President of the Shalom Hartman Institute of North America
  • Dr. Emily Landau (USA): Senior Research Associate, Director of the Arms Control and Regional Security program, Institute for National Security Studies (INSS)
  • Ms. Daphni Leef (Israel): Filmmaker; Video Editor; Social Activist; Leader of the Spring Protests
  • Professor Chung Min Lee (South Korea): Dean, Graduate School of International Studies, Yonsei University
  • Dr. William Linton (USA): Chairman and CEO, Promega Corporation (Life sciences)
  • Professor Judith Liwerant (Mexico): Professor, Head of Graduate School of Political and Social Science, National University of Mexico
  • Professor Edward Luttwak (USA): Senior Associate, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington
  • Dr. David Makovsky (USA): Ziegler Distinguished Fellow, Director, Project on the Middle East Peace Process, The Washington Institute
  • Professor Avishai  Margalit (Israel): George F. Kennan Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton
  • Mr. Jay Michaelson (USA): Associate Editor, Religion Dispatches Magazine
  • Professor Dominique Moisi (France): Founder and Senior Advisor, The French Institute for International Relations
  • Professor Morris Mottale (Switzerland): Professor of Political Science, Franklin College
  • Mr. Salameh Nematt (Jordan): Journalist; Communications Strategist; Founder of Pillar Seven
  • H.E. Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu (Israel): Prime Minister of the State of Israel
  • Ms. Alana Newhouse (USA): Editor-in-Chief, The Tablet
  • Mr. Xavier Niel (France): Founder and majority shareholder, the French Internet service provider Iliad
  • Professor Robert Pacifici (USA): Chief Scientific Officer,  CHDI Management, Inc. / CHDI Foundation (Huntington's Disease)
  • Professor Minxin Pei (China): Director, the Keck Center for International and Strategic Studies
  • Dr. Renana Peres (Israel) : Assistant Professor, Marketing at School of Business Admin, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • H.E. Mr. Shimon Peres (Israel): President of the State of Israel
  • Dr. Diane Pinto (France): Historian of Contemporary European History
  • Professor Tomaso Poggio (USA): Eugene McDermott Professor, Department of Brain & Cognitive Sciences; Co-Director, Center for Biological & Computational Learning
  • Professor Arna Poupko Fisher (USA): Professor, Department of Judaic Studies, University of Cincinnati
  • Mr. Gideon Rachman (UK):  Journalist; Chief Foreign Affairs commentator, Financial Times
  • Dr. Raj Reddy (India): Mozah Bint Nasser University Professor of Computer Science and Robotics, e School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University
  • Ambassador Dennis Ross (USA): Former Special Assistant to President Barack Obama
  • Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (USA): Author; Contributing editor, Lilith
  • Professor Michael Sandel (USA): Political Philosopher; Professor, Harvard University
  • Dr. James Sebenius (USA) : Gordon Donaldson Professorship of Business Administration, Harvard Business School
  • Mr. Yair Seroussi (Israel):  Chairman, Board of Directors, Bank Hapoalim
  • Mr. Salman Shaikh (Qatar): Director of the Brookings Doha Center
  • Professor Mona Siddiqui (UK/Pakistan): Professor of Islamic Studies and Public Understanding, Director, Centre for the Study of Islam, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Mark Silk (USA): Professor of Religion in Public Founding Director, Leonard E. Greenberg Center for the Study of Religion in Public Life, Trinity College
  • Rabbi Daniel Smokler (USA): Senior Jewish Educator, The Bronfman Center
  • Sir Martin Sorrell (UK): CEO, WPP Group
  • Professor Guy Stroumsa (Israel): Martin Buber Professor Emeritus of Comparative Religion, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Mr. Amir Taheri (Iran/UK): Journalist, writes about Middle East affairs and topics related to Islamist terrorism
  • Ms. Nancy Tellem (USA); Senior Advisor to the CEO, CBS Corp; President of CBS Network Television Entertainment
  • Mr. James Turley (USA): Chairman & CEO, Ernst & Young
  • Professor Shimon Ullman(Israel): Samy and Ruth Cohn Professor of Computer Science, Weizmann Institute
  • Ms. Maria van der Hoeven (The Netherlands) - Executive Director, International Energy Agency
  • Mr. Robert Wexler (USA): President, S. Daniel Abraham Center for Middle East Peace
  • Mr. Leon Wieseltier (USA): Literary Editor, The New Republic
  • Mr. Martin Wolf (UK): Associate Editor and Chief Economics Commentator, Financial Times.
  • Sir. James Wolfensohn (Australia): Founder, CEO and Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, L.L.C; former President, The World Bank
  • Professor Anton Zellinger (Austria): Scientific Director, Institute for Quantum Optics and Quantam Information, Austrian Academy of Sciences

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