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The 2009 Israeli Presidential Conference Summation

Math4Mobile the mLearning way

Math4Mobile is the place where the world of mathematics and the mobile phone meet.
Mobile phones give students the chance to learn in a meaningful context by introducing new types and styles of communication while improving classroom dynamics and personal learning. The cellular phone opens up fascinating opportunities for education. It is an easily available tool that is already part of the culture and daily life of every teacher and student, and it is likely to become highly useful for both teachers and students if adequate applications are developed.
The Math4Mobile products suggest the opportunities for using the mobile phone to teach (and learn) mathematics. There are five Java applications already developed to encourage the intuitive learning about mathematical concepts in different fields using the mobile phone. The applications support archiving and sharing visual work with other students as short text messages (SMS), the communication capabilities of the mobile phone, and the availability of cellular accessories such as camera, stop watch and note taking which can be used to enhance the learners’ engagement with mathematics learning. All the applications stress visualization and immediate feedback to user’s actions.
The development of Math4Mobile is based on state-of-the-art theoretical observations that learning is a socio-cultural as well as an individual-cognitive process. When combined with mobile learning with textual and visual communications as well as using web resources, mobile phones allow students to learn anytime, anywhere, with any media. Mobility, availability, and flexibility are the key terms in this initiative.
The Enterprise was developed by Prof. Michal Yerushalmy and Mr. Arik Weizman from University of Haifa
Math4Mobile  the mLearning way

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