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On  the  preliminary  day,  the  day preceding  the  official  opening  of  the President’s  Conference  2008:  Facing Tomorrow,  the  Jewish  People  Policy Planning  Institute  is organizing closed working  group  sessions,  part  of  a continuing  process.  The  purpose  of these deliberations is to discuss select issues,  which  have  a  bearing  on  the future  of  the  Jewish  people,  and  to weigh concrete courses of action. The findings  and  recommendations  of  this day  will  serve  as  important  input  to the  discourse  at  the  conference  itself and will be brought to the attention of relevant decision-makers.

The  sessions  are  part  of  an  ongoing brainstorming  process  aimed  at developing  a

comprehensive  analysis of the state of the Jewish people today, and  at  formulating  ideas  for  specific policy  alternatives  to  ensure  its  well being  and  prosperity  in  generations to  come.  This  process  included extensive interaction with focus groups made  up  of  leading  figures  in  the fields of planning, philosophy and  the arts,  as  well  as  professionals,  Israeli government officials, leaders of Jewish organizations  and  the  philanthropists who support them.

These  sessions  took  place  during 2005-6  at Wye  Plantation,  Maryland, U.S.A. as well as at the Jewish People Policy Planning  Institute  in Jerusalem. In 2007, 120 of the participants in the process gathered for a joint conference in Jerusalem under the title: “The Future of  the Jewish People”, where detailed discussion  took  place  on  various geopolitical  issues  pertaining  to  the Jewish  people,  issues  of  identity  and identification, community life and future leadership. The summary of this event

is  included  in  the  special  publication provided  to  President’s  Conference participants by the Institute. Today’s  deliberations  are  meant  to further  develop  and  distil  the  analysis and  recommendations  gathered throughout  this  process  in  order  to aid  participants  of  the  President’s Conference  as  they  delve  into  these complex issues, and thereby contribute to the success of the conference. The  following  issues will be discussed at  the  preliminary  working  group sessions:

Trends in the international arena over the next  five  years  -  primary  implications

for  Israel  and  the  Jewish  people   Affinity  of  the  younger  generation  in

the  Diaspora  to  its  Jewish  identity Affinity  of  the  younger  generation  in Israel to its Jewish identity   Challenges posed  by  radical  Islam:  operative implications  for  the  Jewish  people   Jerusalem  as  the  core  of  the  Jewish civilization    The  Annapolis  process  - potential  implications  for  the  future of  the  State  of  Israel  and  the  Jewish people    Practical  implications  and potential applications of ‘Tikkun Olam’  Grooming  the  future  leadership  of the Jewish people.

Insight  from  this  day,  as  well  as  the full  range of conference deliberations,

will  be  collected  and  analyzed  by  the Jewish People Policy Planning Institute

and  will  be  made  available  to  the public.









Introduction - Mr. Avinoam Bar-Yosef, Director-General,  The  Jewish  People Policy Planning Institute (JPPPI).

The Conference  for  the Future of  the Jewish  People-2007  -  Dr.  Einat Wilf, Fellow, JPPPI.

Mega-Trends  in  the  Next  Five  Years which  will  Impact  on  World  Jewry and  Israel  -  Ambassador  Stuart  E. Eizenstadt.

The Annapolis Process - Ambassador Avi Gil, Senior Fellow, JPPPI.

The Islamist Challenge  - Prof. Emmanuel Sivan, Senior Fellow, JPPPI.

Jewish Civilization at the Crossroads: Rise  and  Decline  in  the  Historic Perspective -

Dr. Shalom Wald, Senior Fellow, JPPPI.

Jewish  Identity  and  Identification  of America's Young Jews  - Prof. Chaim I. Waxman, Senior Fellow, JPPPI.

Jerusalem as the Civilizational Capital of the Jewish People - Prof. Yehezkel

Dror, Founding President, JPPPI.

Jewish  People  Leadership  for  the 21st  Century  -  Prof.  Yehezkel  Dror,

Founding President, JPPPI.

The Practical Meaning  and Potential Significance of ‘TIKKUN OLAM’  for 21st Century  Jewish  Life  -  Rabbi  Dr. Yehudah Mirsky, Fellow, JPPPI, with the contribution of Brigadier-General (Res.) Ruth Yaron, Senior Fellow, JPPPI.

Jewish  Identity  and  Identification of  Israel's  Young  Generation  - Dr. Shlomit Levy and Dr. Hagit Hacohen Wolf, The Hebrew University.

Jewish Demography and Peoplehood: 2008  -  Prof. Sergio DellaPergola, Senior Fellow, JPPPI.

Tomorrow's Crises Today: Frontiers of Scientific Research and Technology in  the Coming Decade  - Prof. Hermona Soreq, The Hebrew University.

Medicine  Tomorrow:  Trends  in  21st Century Medicine -  Yaakov Naparstek,

MD Professor & Chairman of Medicine Hadassah University Hospital.

Global Leadership in the 21st Century: The New Ruler -  Prof. Yehezkel Dror,

Founding President, JPPPI.

A  Survey  of  Current  and  Future Research  Directions  on  the Environment -  Faculty of Agricultural, Food  and  Environmental  Quality Sciences, Hebrew University.

Israel  2028:  Vision  and  Strategy  for Economy  and  Society  in  a  Global World  -

Mr. David  Brodet,  Former Director-General,  Ministry  of  Finance; Chairman, Hadasa.

Accelerating  Medical  Solutions  in Israel: Building a Global Life Sciences Industry  -

Prof. Glenn  Yago,  Milken Institute;  Mr.  Ilan  Vaknin,  Hebrew University  and  Koret-Milken  Institute Fellows Program and Ms. Ronit Purian Lutkatch, Tel Aviv University and Koret-Milken Institute Fellows Program.


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