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Biond Vax

Biond Vax

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BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is developing an innovative universal

flu (influenza) vaccine, providing a multi-season/multi-strain and longterm

protection against a variety of flu viruses. The current formulation

of the vaccine is slated for clinical trials in humans in 2009.

BiondVax’s universal vaccine is based on research carried out for

the past 20 years by Weizmann Institute Professor Ruth Arnon who

serves as the company’s Scientific Advisor. Prof. Arnon is well-known

for her part in ground-breaking research on multiple sclerosis that led

to Teva’s Copaxone drug, which this July passed the billion dollar

mark in sales.

BiondVax’s innovative vaccine represents a quantum leap in the flu

vaccine arena, as it is based on a combination of conserved viral

elements, common to virtually all existing and future flu virus strains,

thus providing the broadest possible protection. BiondVax’s vaccine

will potentially demonstrate greater efficacy levels, longer vaccination

periods and a much wider scope of virus strain coverage than any

other vaccine in the market to date.

The potential efficacy of BiondVax’s vaccine in dealing with Avian flu,

a global threat that could claim 40 million lives according to the WHO,

makes the company a significant player in the struggle against this


According to analysts, global sales of flu vaccines are expected to

reach $4 billion by 2012.

BiondVax Pharmaceuticals, a publicly traded company located

in the Weizmann Science Park in Ness Ziona, is dedicated to

developing novel vaccines against a variety of infectious diseases and

therapeutic vaccines.




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