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Better PLC

Better PLC

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Better Place is a revolutionary venture making the dream of zeroemission

electric cars a reality. Better Place - led by visionary

entrepreneur and CEO Shai Agassi and Chairman of Israel Corp. Idan

Ofer, who heads the investor group - is installing the infrastructure

which will bring greater convenience and affordability to electric cars

than is currently offered by petroleum-powered automobiles. Better

Place has developed an ingenious business model relying on existing

technology which will make driving cheaper, more convenient and

environmentally friendly.

Better Place will install electric charging points at existing parking

spots so that when drivers park their electric car, they will return to

find it fully charged. When drivers need to travel long distance, they

will pull into one of a host of battery swap stations nationwide, where

their car’s depleted battery will be replaced with a fully charged one in

less time than it takes to fill a car with gasoline.

In 2007, Better Place raised over $200 million in its first capital-raising

cycle and in January 2008 announced its first cooperative venture

with Renault-Nissan and the Israeli government to institute the world’s

first nationwide electric vehicle infrastructure.

In March 2008, Better Place announced a second venture with

Denmark’s DONG Energy and Renault-Nissan to create a Danish

electric vehicle infrastructure, powered by renewable wind energy.

The company is currently in discussions with more than 30 governments

worldwide interested in ending their countries’ addiction to imported

fuels and in reducing the impact of global climate change.




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