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Atlantium Technologies

Atlantium Technologies

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Atlantium Technologies Ltd. is a pioneer in advanced water

disinfection solutions based on its world-class expertise in both

water technology and high-tech development.

Atlantium’s unique approach to water treatment combines ultraviolet

(UV) disinfection with advanced hydrodynamic and fiber-optic

technologies. The company’s Hydro-Optic Disinfection™ (HOD)

solutions deliver unprecedented microbe inactivation, taking costeffective

and environmentally-friendly water disinfection to levels

never before attained.


The core of Atlantium’s patented and patent-pending technology is the

Hydro-Optic Disinfection™ (HOD) system - a large quartz tube that acts

as an effective light trap. The system configuration enables UV light

rays to bounce repeatedly from the tube wall and through the entire

volume of water. The result is that UV rays spread and uniformly fill the

entire tube to efficiently inactivate microbes and consistently achieve

high levels of disinfection.

Atlantium’s systems have been validated by third parties to meet the

stringent requirements of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Atlantium tailors its disinfection solutions specifically to site variables and

customer requirements. The HOD™ system serves users in a variety

of disinfection capacities: installed as a firewall for source water or as

membrane protection, for water re-circulation and re-use processes, for

product water disinfection, for non-thermal pasteurization, for drinking

water disinfection applications and more.

Customers using the HOD system have achieved high microbial

disinfection levels and benefited from related cost-savings due to

decreased use of chemicals, greater energy and production efficiency,

improved membrane performance and more.



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