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Access Israel Association

Access Israel Association

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Access Israel Association (“Access Israel”) was founded in 1999 and

since then has served the large disabled population in Israel (more

then 500,000 people).

The promotion and integration of people with disabilities into Israeli

society in order to enable them a life of dignity, respect and maximum


The fulfillment of Access Israel’s Vision through its unique projects

enables people with disabilities to live in honor and equality and

especially enables them to fulfill their personal potential.

In the 21st century, the State of Israel is still not accessible. Unlike

other Western Countries, in the State of Israel most public buildings,

municipal offices, courts, clinics, museums, theaters, hotels,

playgrounds, parks, commercial areas etc. are not accessible to

people with disabilities. Therefore, they are closed to this public and

their families and friends, preventing people with disabilities from

enjoying and using such facilities and living an equal and normal life.

1. Making as many public locations as possible accessible.

2. Promoting equality between people with disabilities and the rest

of society.

3. Increasing awareness among the general public, planners and

decision makers regarding accessibility.

4. Promoting assistive technology and accessibility of information

(internet, cellular, television, software and appliances).

5. Promoting employment of people with disabilities in the open market.

6. Improving professional knowledge regarding accessibility among

planners, architects and engineers.

7. Improving service to people with disabilities in the government and

business sectors.



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