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WeCU Technologies

WeCU Technologies

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WeCU Technologies was established in 2003 and develops an

automatic system for the screening of individuals with hidden

malicious intent.

The system is based on a unique probing method invented by the

company and employing knowledge from the behavioral sciences in

combination with advanced biometric sensors.WeCU’s technology

is revolutionary and unique. It provides a dramatic improvement for

security screening systems:

Privacy protection - The system is non-invasive and does not require

human questioning; it does not use, collect or store any history of

personal details.

No discrimination, no violation of human rights - The system is

absolutely objective and does not profile or discriminate subjects in

any way.

No bottlenecks - The system can be operated without interfering

with existing work processes and without interrupting the flow in

crowded places.

Non-intrusive and covert - The system does not require the subject’s

cooperation or awareness.

Independent and reliable - Identifies individuals without requiring

any sort of a-priori personal information or alarming signals, while

achieving high accuracy.

Resistant to countermeasures - It is not possible to cheat the system.

Cost effective - Integrates with existing systems and does not require

highly skilled operators.

After completing a successful field test with an Alpha system, the

company is now in the stage of developing commercial products for a

variety of applications in both government and the business sector.

WeCU is located in Caesarea, Israel. Its team includes experienced

experts in behavioral sciences, terror studies, technological

development and business management.

Project and company profiles in this catalog are presented as provided by exhibition

participants. The content is the sole responsability of each participant.





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