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Billions of photographs are being created and digitally stored every day.

Existing image searches depend on manual tagging of each


Human tagging is impractical and limited, as it cannot fully describe

the picture.

Vayar takes pictures (not text) as input, and allows searching for similar

pictures/images on the basis of their visual characteristics alone.

Vayar finds similarities on the basis of the entire image, and/or the

image’s constituent visual elements.

Vayar allows the user to determine what ‘similar’ means in his/her

eyes, and to fine-tune search results accordingly.

Vayar creates automatic tagging for pictures/images, which can then

be used by textual-search-engines.

Vayar’s technology will revolutionize the way we use visual data.

Personal photographs: Find any picture in databases or on the web.

Travel: Receive detailed information about a tourist attraction just by

clicking a camera.

Law Enforcement: Find people in a crowd.

Medicine: Match patients’ X-RAY scans to known cases in medical

literature to aid in diagnosis and treatment.

Shopping: Find a shop where a certain product you see can be


Eventually, Vayar will enable machines/computers to actually see and

understand what they are seeing.

Robots that see will no longer be within the realm of science fiction!




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