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As Israel celebrates sixty years of independence, many in its peripheral

communities still struggle to escape the cycle of hardship and

despair. Until this reality is reversed, Israel will continue to be afflicted

by severe income inequality. Empowering youth in disadvantaged

regions as future business leaders committed to their community can

transform Israel’s future. That’s what Unistream is all about. Educating

Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, Unistream’s flagship program, is a

three-year educational endeavor that utilizes the venue of business

development to empower heterogeneous groups of outstanding

Israeli youth, countrywide. The program’s three pillars are: leadership

development, acquiring business skills and community involvement.

The essence of this process is put into practice as participants

develop and operate their own business and social ventures.

Rony Zarom grew up in a financially challenged community; today

he’s a leading hi-tech entrepreneur. In 2001, Mr. Zarom translated his

vision to impact Israeli society into action he established Unistream.

Funded by Mr. Zarom, municipalities, foundations, federations,

businesses and friends, Unistream programs are run by professional

staff and volunteer Unistream Friends Forum members.

Partnership is the magic word at Unistream. Partners include: 350

Businesses whose founders, CEOs and VPs are members of the

Unistream Friends Forum, 80 donors, 450 Unistream participants,

alumni, staff and board members. Unistream’s excellence has won

international acknowledgement by Schwab Foundation, Globes

newspaper and the British Embassy in Israel.

Unistream (NGO) has tax-exempt status in the U.S.A. and Israel.

Together we can make dreams of success come true in Israel’s





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