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TransBiodiesel Ltd.

TransBiodiesel Ltd.

Environmental -




The global biodiesel industry has grown significantly over the past

decade, captivating various industry groups such as governments,

biodiesel producers, oil seed (feedstock) growers and end-users.

Some of the main drivers behind its tremendous growth include

increasing environmental awareness, changes in the political

environment and regulatory targets.

The company has developed environmentally friendly and

economically viable enzyme-based catalysts as an alternative for

the harsh chemical catalysts currently in use for mass production

of biodiesel. The company’s technology and derived products are


To introduce and successfully commercialize a new generation of

environmentally friendly, clean, and cost-effective enzyme-based

catalysts specifically designed for the biodiesel industry, as an

alternative to existing chemical catalysts.

The Main Advantages are: (i) No need for unfriendly chemicals which

harm the environment; (ii) Easier shipment and storage; (iii) Lower

equipment costs associated with manufacturing and storage; (iv)

Better quality glycerol, offering up to 96% purity (high quality); (v) Use

of cost-effective and high-grade raw materials; (vi) Reduced need for

heating; (vii) Lower sensitivity to water; (viii) Relatively fast reaction

time; and (ix) Potentially higher biodiesel yields.

Transbiodiesel was set up in May 2007 by Dr. Sobhi Basheer in

the Incubator for Technological Entrepreneurship – L.N. Innovative

Technologies LTD., located in Haifa, Israel. Currently, the company

includes the founder and three chemical engineers. The company

seeks potential investors for business development.




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