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The Rashi Foundation

The Rashi Foundation

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Each September, thousands of promising 1st-graders start school

in Israel. Fast-forward 12 years. One-in-five kids drops out of school.

Another fifth barely attends class. Only half of all 17 year olds

graduate school with a matriculation certificate. Moreover, there is tight

correlation between origin, place of residence and socio-economic

background and scholastic success.

This waste of potential of our younger generation has

alarming implications: a fractured society, acute disparity

between periphery and center, deterioration of young

adults into illegitimate activities and the loss of human capital.

The Tafnit Program was launched in 2001 by the Rashi Foundation

and the Education Ministry to turn this situation around. Tafnit has

developed a revolutionary method of reducing learning gaps and

leading failing students to matriculation success. Believing that

“every child is able”, the school must be committed to students’

success and teachers are the agents of change. Tafnit introduces

unconventional accelerated-learning techniques including: breaking

the learning routine, ambitious objectives, measurable benchmarks,

a motivational process and external monitoring of results. Students

experience a chain of success along the path to full matriculation,

while a newly motivated cadre of teachers is created.

Since Tafnit’s inception, 5,000 failing students have completed

matriculation and 60,000 elementary students attained the national

standard in core subjects. Tafnit has recently won a prestigious U.S.

State Department award for educational initiatives. Our vision is to

implement Tafnit in schools in the periphery in order to ensure equal

opportunity, reduce socio-economic gaps and thereby maximize Israel’s

human capital.




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