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The International Institute for Jewish and Israeli Culture

The International Institute for Jewish and Israeli Culture

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Jewish people worldwide constantly explore the concept of their

identity by observing Jewish tradition, studying Jewish history and

generating new Jewish culture.

The Virtual Museum of Jewish Theatre and Performing Arts will provide

the largest online database of theatre works, representing major

trends in Jewish performing arts over the past 600 years. Working

in collaboration with leading artists, researchers and academic

institutions, it will:

Establish a common multimedia platform for intercultural dialogue

and artistic collaboration.

Bring the rich heritage of Jewish theatre to a wider Jewish and non-

Jewish audience.

Promote education about cultural preservation and artistic creation.

Using the most advanced tools of information technology to develop

a user-friendly online platform, the Virtual Museum will be the

foremost research site for Jewish performing arts, containing plays,

musical scores, photographs, recordings, academic studies, articles

and reviews. Accompanied by a timeline showing the development

of Jewish theatre alongside world theatre and history, visitors will surf

across geography and time.

As the second phase of All About Jewish Theatre the only network

dedicated to Jewish theatre and performing arts, the Virtual Museum

will put all the information on Jewish theatre at your fingertips on one

single website.



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