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The Center for Educational Technology (C.E.T.)

The Center for Educational Technology (C.E.T.)

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The Center for Educational Technology (CET) has developed “Nahshon”,

a virtual mentoring initiative, aimed at opening the gates of higher

education for students from Israel’s social and geographic periphery.

For the past four decades CET, an NGO dedicated to the promotion

of education in Israel, has established its expertise and reputation by

developing state-of-the-art digital content and websites, using top-ofthe-

line technologies.

Nahshon, the virtual mentoring initiative, employs students from top

universities and soldiers from elite units to tutor students from the

periphery, using innovative long-distance learning technologies. The

tutors guide the students to attain the highest possible scores in the

national matriculation exams (in math, physics and English). CET’s

cutting-edge initiative advances these young students on a personal

level and helps strengthen Israeli society by:

Creating equal opportunities for all Israeli children while bridging

social gaps.

Motivating and inspiring students to enter distinguished academic


Equiping students from the periphery with skills that will enable them

to play an essential role in Israel’s social and economic life in the

global age.

Nahshon is an Israeli initiative developed by CET, the developer

of teaching and learning materials, and in cooperation with Sulam

- Shared Learning Management System, which was developed at

“Har ve-Guy” school, using Microsoft software as the technological

foundation; and key people from Microsoft Corporation, who

support the initiative professionally, as well as assist in its development

and promotion.




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