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The Ariel Sharon Park

The Ariel Sharon Park

Environmental -




The Ariel Sharon Park is situated at the center of the heavily populated

Dan Region, on the southern outskirts of Tel Aviv. When completed,

it will span over 8,000 dunams (2,000 acres) and will be one of the

world’s largest urban parks with thousands of trees, numerous hiking

trails, trickling streams and an unrivaled view from its lookouts.

Ariel Sharon Park will serve as a getaway for thousands of people

seeking revitalization - both personal and environmental. The park

already has hiking and bicycle trails, which are regularly used by

families out to enjoy nature. The park’s future signature attractions

will include a recycling plant, an environmental education center and

a former garbage dump transformed into a living and healthy piece

of nature.

The creation of the Ariel Sharon Park will incorporate unique Israeli

technology based on the use and development of recycled materials.

In addition, the park’s floodwater management system will provide

new impetus for the development of the metropolitan area outside

of Tel Aviv.

The Ariel Sharon Park is a true public-private venture. A major commitment

on the part of the Israeli government, philanthropists and the Israeli public

will ensure that this green lung remains secure for future generations.

Through the revamping of the Hiria garbage dump, The Ariel Sharon

Park will show that an environmental hazard can be transformed into

a national treasure - one which will present the new face of Israel to

the entire world.




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