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A biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of its

proprietary “Apofusion” technology. This innovative technology is the

first to combine two pivotal, naturally occurring, cellular mechanisms

in a single human fusion protein. These “apofusions” are composed

of a cell suicide inducing protein fused on the DNA level to a targeting

protein. The New Biological Entities specifically target diseased

cell populations and selectively eliminate them. The use of human

apoptosis-inducing proteins results in elimination of target cells

without evoking side effects or immune responses, thus enabling a

wide therapeutic range.

Based on its proprietary technology, the company has developed 4

products achieving proof-of-concept in animal studies, all showing

specific cell elimination with no apparent toxicity. The company

has shown successful treatment of solid tumors, autoimmune

diseases, allergic reactions and neurological diseases. Target-In’s

lead compound has shown beneficial effects against various animal

variations of disease such as Diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease

and bone-marrow transplantation. First human trials in Lymphoma

patients are anticipated in 2009.

Based on its broad technology platform and robust pipeline of

products, the company intends to develop selected products to the

level of human proof of efficacy in-house, while out-licensing other

products to strategic partners. Two such deals have already been

signed, and discussions are undergoing with additional companies.

Six families of patents have been filed, most of them already issued.

The company is lead by a highly experienced international team. R&D

is managed in an from the Israeli office while business development is

managed from the US office.




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