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SteadyMed Ltd

SteadyMed Ltd

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SteadyMed Ltd., an early-stage medical device company, is at the

forefront of a revolution in the personalized delivery of injectable drugs.

Whereas these drugs are normally administered in fixed doses by

medical personnel, in the future increasingly effective drug therapies

will be delivered at home under personalized control.

SteadyMed’s PatchPump is a personal “smart-package” for

delivering these liquid drugs at the rate desired, in accordance with

the patient’s individual needs. The PatchPump is a miniature patchshaped

device, adhered to the skin, which contains the drug to be

delivered and an electronic system for its delivery. A button on the

patch gives the patient control over dosing, for example, to deliver a

larger dose (a bolus) when the patient is in pain.

The injection mechanism is based on the exploitation of a side effect of

batteries – the fact that they change their volume when discharged.

SteadyMed has exploited this “bug” as an advantage – having the

expanding battery press against a flexible drug reservoir, causing the

excretion of the drug. The PatchPump can deliver drugs through

the skin either via a tiny catheter or via transdermal means such as


The device is optimized for the delivery of the new generation of

biological drugs, such as therapeutic antibodies, which specifically

target diseased cells. Many such drugs are highly viscous and/or

require sophisticated delivery regimens. SteadyMed’s PatchPump

is especially suited to “package” these drugs and deliver them in a

personalized manner to the patient.




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