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Solel Solar Systems

Solel Solar Systems

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Solel Solar Systems’ mission is to assist the public and private

sectors in reducing their dependence on fossil fuels by providing clean,

renewable and affordable energy. Our advanced concentrating

solar power technology converts direct sunshine into useful thermal

energy, and subsequently into electricity, by way of parabolic mirrors

that concentrate the solar energy onto vacuum pipes. The pipes

contain a heat transfer fluid, which is pumped through a series of

conventional heat exchangers to generate super-heated steam. The

steam powers a turbine/generator to produce electricity delivered

to a utility’s electric grid. Although the basic idea is not new, Solel

has already achieved great commercial success and continues

to improve the technology in order to create greater efficiencies and

lower cost energy.

At Solel, we are convinced that our technology represents the

“tomorrow” of energy. Solar thermal energy has the greatest potential

out of all renewable energies to be the “game changer”. If applied to a

much greater extent than today, we can offset much of the projected

increase in demand for energy and thus mitigate the effects of global

warming and offer many countries, including Israel, decreased reliance

on foreign fuel sources.

The market for our technology is growing rapidly. Solar thermal energy

has a fantastic potential to become a significant renewable energy

source. Our proven technology will give us a leading role in meeting

the demand.





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