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Skin Cancer Scanning (S.C.S.)

Skin Cancer Scanning (S.C.S.)

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One in every five people worldwide will have developed some form

of skin cancer within his lifetime.

Over 70 Million people will be screened annually for the detection of

skin cancer.More than 11 million people will be diagnosed as having

developed some form of skin cancer.

70,000 mortalities annually as a result of skin cancer, of them 60,000

from Melanoma.

Over 4 Billion USD annually expended worldwide on unnecessary

biopsies for skin cancer diagnostics.

These facts pertain only to those who are aware enough and have

access to screening for detection of skin cancer.

S.C.S. was formed with the aim of developing a medical system for

the early and accurate diagnosis of skin cancer, thus filling this gap.

All of S.C.S.’s human and financial resources are dedicated to this goal.

Save human lives and improve life quality and expectancy by

introducing advanced, easily accessible, friendly diagnostic systems

for the early diagnosis of skin cancer.

Promote the system as a leading and meaningful component in the

skin cancer field, by joining an active major corporation in the medical

systems industry.

Our system is based on advanced technology using a unique

innovative method of data accumulation and signal processing in the

Visual and Infrared spectrum.

The system is passive and non invasive.

The I.P. is in the patent pending stage in the USA and national patent

registration according to PCT.

The system is undergoing clinical trials with excellent results.




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