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Each individual on the globe has a unique set of fingerprints, and

even identical twins do not share the same set. Our team at SeqUR

realized that in addition to physical fingerprints, each person has a

digital fingerprint based on his usage of technological devices. Those

technologies include mobile phones, on-line credit card usage,

e-commerce, e-banking, Internet behavior and more. Defining the

digital fingerprint of each individual can be extremely useful while

trying to detect fraudsters and criminals pretending to be someone

they are not - either by stealing the technological device or by stealing

your identity.

SeqUR has developed a state of the art technology based on its

unique multidimensional analytical engine. SeqUR’s solution enables

government agencies and commercial companies to characterize the

unique fingerprint of each individual in the organization (employee,

customer or technological entity) and to be alerted in real-time once

suspicious activity is detected. The system has been tested and

proved to be very efficient at preventing any illegal activity.

Fraud, and identity theft in particular, are a rising international concern.

Government agencies and financial organizations are looking for

solutions that can detect criminal activity accurately and in real time.

SeqUR has found a way - different from any other solution available

today. Our uniqueness stems from the ability to look at each individual

and compare sequences of transactions to the technological

fingerprint of that individual. That is also the meaning of our name,

SeqUR - we follow your sequence.



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