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Seambiotic is the first company in the world that is utilizing flue gases

from coal-burning power stations for algae cultivation. Seambiotic was

founded in 2003 with the objective of growing and processing marine

microalgae using a revolutionary ecologically based environmental

system. Our technology and unique know-how can be profitably

exploited in two major areas: bio-fuels and food supplements.

For the past three years, Seambiotic has carried out an R&D pilot at

the Israeli Electric Corporation’s power station located in the city of


Seambiotic’s efforts in cultivating microalgae utilizing flue gas

emissions from power plants is a giant step towards the reduction of

air pollution and global warming.

The pilot has proven enormously successful and reached an impressive

production of algae containing a high percentage of PUFA, oil and

carbohydrates which are suitable for processing into bio-fuels.

The world is expected to move from the cultivation of corn and sugar

cane for energy purposes to the cultivation of marine algae. This will

be accomplished by using existing resources and without harming

agriculture as a source of food. Seambiotic is developing a practical

model that is likely to result in the establishment of marinealgae farms

in locations around the world characterized by arid land but with

access to seawater and solar energy.

Our team: Amnon Bechar, B. Pharm, CEO; Prof. Ami Ben-Amotz

- Chief Scientific Adviser; Noam Menczel - Director of Investor’s

Relations & Business Development.




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