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Runcom Technologies Ltd.

Runcom Technologies Ltd.

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Runcom Technologies Ltd. is the recognized pioneer of Orthogonal

Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) technology for

Mobile and Fixed WiMAX, Broadband Wireless Access and MAN

(Metropolitan Area Network) markets, enabling the delivery of

enhanced communications services to cellular phones and other

mobile devices.

Runcom develops state of the art standard-based technologies and

products for a wide variety of Tier1 players and segments in the global

wireless communications arena that stand to benefit considerably from

OFDMA, including cellular, wireless, satellite and telecom operators;

leading wireless equipment vendors; Customer Premises Equipment

(CPE) manufacturers; OEM and ODM manufacturers; system

integrators, broadcasters, and integrated circuits manufacturers.

Runcom`s OFDMA Core technology landmarks:

Proposed and accepted in 2001 by ETSI as the core component

of the DVB-RCT (Return Channel Terrestrial) standard, a wirelessenabled

platform that facilitates content-rich interactivity between

TV broadcasters and subscribers over traditional terrestrial


Incorporated as the preferred solution for the IEEE802.16.2004 BWA

standard, enabling telecoms to provide customers with enhanced

voice and data services.

Accepted as a core technology of the emerging IEEE802.16e (now

called IEEE802.16e-2005) standard for fixed and mobile Wireless

MAN (Metropolitan Area Networks).

Successfully participated in large technological pilots at the APEC

Conference in Pusan, Korea in November 2005 and the Winter

Olympics in Feb 2006.




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