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Pythagoras Solar

Pythagoras Solar

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Pythagoras Solar brings Israeli innovation to the rapidly growing solar

industry. The company believes that solar power is best suitable to

answer the global quest for renewable energy sources, but that a

new architecture is required to realize the visionary goal: harnessing

the sun’s power for supplying the soaring energy demands of the

21st century while mitigating global warming and energy security


While demand for photovoltaic solar systems is steadily growing, with

over $20B of annual revenues, solar systems still comprise less than

0.1% of global energy production. Pythagoras Solar believes that

the usage of crystalline silicon – the expensive material converting

sunlight to electricity in solar cells - restricts current industry growth

and must be fundamentally improved before the solar vision can be

fully realized.

The company, in its R&D center in Hakfar Hayarok (“The Green

Village”), Israel, is combining multiple technology disciplines, including

advanced optical design, software models, semiconductor processes,

materials science and mass manufacturing techniques to build costeffective,

highly durable solar energy products that are not bound by

current industry constraints. The company will unveil its first products

by the beginning of 2009.

Pythagoras Solar was founded in 2006 by Gonen Fink, previously at

Check Point Software, Dr. Itay Baruchi, a winner of Scientific American

magazine’s ‘50 most significant scientific breakthroughs’ award, and

Precede Technologies, a leading entrepreneurial and investment firm.

The company is backed by leading investors including Evergreen

Venture Partners, Israel Cleantech Ventures and Pitango Venture

Capital, and has a Silicon Valley office in San Mateo, California.




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