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Oramed Pharmaceutical

Oramed Pharmaceutical

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Oramed Pharmaceuticals develops proprietary commercial oral

delivery solutions for medications currently available only in injection

form. Oramed’s flagship product, oral insulin capsule, is based on

patented delivery technology. This platform is also suitable for other

drugs and vaccines currently under development by the company.

An oral insulin capsule is revolutionary because it can become a

preferred earlier treatment for diabetics and improve overall treatment

of this disease. Oramed’s insulin capsules have the potential of

improving the lives of 246 million people, which according to the

International Diabetes Federation is the estimated current number of

diabetics worldwide.

Presently, Oramed is conducting landmark phase 2 clinical trials on

diabetes patients following successful animal and human studies. The

Oramed insulin capsule was rated in the top 5 of Thomson Scientifics’

“the ones to watch” list as one of the most promising drugs entering

phase 1.

Oramed was established in March 2006, based on research and

technology developed over the past 20 years by renowned scientists

at the Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, a shareholder in

Oramed. This technology, alongside our prestigious advisory board, a

strong management team and strategic partnerships make Oramed

poised for success.




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