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Technological - Nutralease

Technological - Nutralease

The platform technology is a result of extensive studies on attempts

to form novel liquid nano-vehicles as carriers for non-soluble bioactive


The technology named “NSSL vehicles” (Nano-Sized Self-assembled

Liquid vehicles) is based on formation of curvature-modified swollen

reverse micelles, loaded with insoluble bioactives at their interface.

Upon dilution the vehicles invert (umbrella type) into oil-in-water

nano-droplets and the bioactives, at will, either remain solubilized

or are released in a controlled pattern. The vehicles are embedded

with “membrane recognition enhancers” that help them recognize

membranes and release the bioactives into the bloodstream.

This novel technology can be applied in a variety of other uses such as

environmental protection against oxidation and controlled interfacial

and crystallization processes.

The designed vehicles are used in beverages, cosmetics and mainly

in pharmaceuticals.

International patents of the technology have been approved and

registered in 2007.

Nutralease, a start-up company, was established (2005) by the

Hebrew University (HU) team headed by Prof. Garti and Yissum – The

HU company for R&D technology, and private investors.

The technology is unique and opens a large scope of options for

utilization of insoluble bioactives and/or poorly adsorbing drugs.

The company sold 200,000 USD worth of products in 2007, and it is

expected that by the year 2009 sales will exceed 2×106 USD.

Several international contracts with leading companies have been

signed. Recently Frutarom – a global Israeli company purchased the

majority of the company’s shares and marketing is presently global.




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