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NeuroDerm developed ND0601, the first ever L-DOPA skin patch for

treating Parkinson’s Disease (PD). This novel, non-invasive patch is

the first practical and convenient therapeutic to achieve continuous

delivery of L-DOPA - the “holy grail” of Parkinson’s drug treatment.

ND0601 aims to alleviate and even reverse the many disabling motor

complications of advanced Parkinson’s patients, as well as prevent or

delay the development of dyskinesia and other motor complications

in newly diagnosed patients.

L-DOPA is the most effective treatment for PD, used by over 70% of

patients. The problem with orally administered L-DOPA, however, is

that it is quickly eliminated from the body causing sharp fluctuations

in it’s blood levels that give rise to late motor complications in PD.

Intravenous and intra-duodenal infusions - whilst achieving steady

L-DOPA blood-levels and greatly benefiting patients - are invasive

options and are seldom used.

ND0601 is considered one of the most promising developments today

for the treatment of PD: In a recent human study - ND0601 for the

first time achieved steady therapeutic blood levels of L-DOPA through

transdermal delivery.

NeuroDerm is supported by the Michael J. Fox Foundation for

Parkinson’s Disease through a prestigious clinical development

grant. It was judged by the foundation to have potential for making “a

significant impact on the lives of Parkinson’s patients”. ND0601 was

also selected by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Trade in Israel as

the outstanding project for 2007.

NeuroDerm was established in 2003 and is developing transdermal

patches for treating various neurodegenerative diseases.



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