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The highly innovative Agro-Housing project, winner of the International Architecture Competition for Sustainable Housing in China, the creation of Knafo Klimor Architects presents a modern apartment building, combined with a vertical NetafimTM greenhouse.

The vertical greenhouse project that was designed by Netafim™ in collaborations with Knafo Klimor Architects, conceptually presents a multi-floor garden for cultivation of crops growing on soil-less substrate that is environmentally friendly and equipped with NetafimTM drip irrigation and technology systems. This innovative structure, integrates the global vision of the search for an environmentally friendly solutions to conserve energy and natural resources while preserving the environment.

Key Agro-Housing advantages:


·         Conserve on resources and energy by the use of alternative energy and recycling. 

·         Contribute to lessening of urban infrastructure.

·         Allow the growth of organic food within an urban area.  

·         Strengthen social ties within family and community while offering a new space for gathering and social activities.

·         Raise environmental awareness.


Netafim™ is the world leading provider of advanced water solutions for the agricultural sector. With more than 32 subsidiaries worldwide, Netafim™ agronomists and designers deliver optimal solutions to growers in over 112 countries, and with
13 manufacturing facilities around the globe. The company’s annual sales totaled
$500 million in 2007.


Knafo-Klimor architects, established in 1980, focused on public and private construction worldwide. In the last few years the main objective has been 'Green Construction' within housing and public buildings with a wish to influence culture and environmentally friendly lifestyles.




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