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NanoMaterials Ltd. is an Israeli nano-technology company that produces

a revolutionary new class of nanomaterials with remarkable properties and

numerous applications that save energy, save lives, and improve industrial

productivity as well as the quality of life.

The company is one of the few nano-technology companies in the

world that has launched a product and is selling it in ton quantities as

a solution to many existing problems: better lubrication to save energy

and reduce pollution, ultra-strong armor to save lives, functional coatings

for biomedical applications such as orthodontic braces to improve the

quality of life, and special materials for increasing solar energy production


The company is a leading example of successful transfer of technology

from academia to mass commercialization in Israel. The materials were

discovered by a team in the Institute’s Nanomaterials Synthesis Group

headed by Professor Reshef Tenne. The company’s CEO, Dr. Menachem

Genut was a member of the team and founded the company in 2002 with

his partner, Mr. Aharon Feuerstein, Chairman and CFO. They are joined

in the management with Dr. Niles Fleischer, VP for Business and Product


The unique patented technology is a green, safe material based on special

inorganic nanoparticles of multi-walled spheres and tubes exclusively

licensed to it by Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd, the commercial

arm of the renowned Weizmann Institute of Science.

The shareholders, besides the founders, are Newton Technology VC Fund,

Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd., A.Y.Y.T., the commercial arm

of Holon Institute of Technology, and private European investors.

Our nanopowders are unique structures of nested spheres based on safe,

natural tungsten disulfide called inorganic fullerene-like (IF) materials. One

thousand of these super strong spheres can be placed across a single

human hair and they can withstand the impact equivalent to the weight

of five diesel locomotives without being damaged (up to 350 tons per

square centimeter).



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