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My BackUp

My BackUp

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My BackUp is a wireless electronic system for reducing the number of

road accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles.

Today, there are app. 200 million two-wheeled vehicles worldwide,

with sales rapidly increasing due to parking and traffic problems in

main cities.

Road accidents involving two-wheeled vehicles are more prone to result

in severe injuries and casualties owing to the high exposure of the rider

to injury and the diminished visibility of these relatively small vehicles.

Our project is a revolutionary safety device, intended for two-wheeled

vehicle riders, which reduces road accidents caused as a result of

inobservance of distance. The device is an additional lighting system,

synchronized with the vehicle’s regular signal and stoplights. The system

significantly improves the visibility of the two-wheeled vehicle rider

on the road.

The system consists of two main components: one is installed inside the

vehicle while the other is on the helmet or the jacket, using specialized

strips. Installation is simple and may be done separately, after purchasing

the vehicle. The two parts of the system communicate using RF or

Blue-Tooth technology.

Installation of the device will allow the transition to safer driving

for passengers of a vehicle that is highly exposed to fatal road


Market and profit potential for the device is enormous, in Israel and

worldwide. The cost of manufacturing is estimated at $15-$20 per

piece, while target price for the end user is $100. This device has

begun trials and regulation in Israel.




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