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Mobileye is a pioneer in the development of computer vision-based

Driver Assistance Systems (DAS), and applications. Founded in

1999, Mobileye is recognized by major car manufacturers as the

world leader in its field, and is selected by a rapidly growing number of

them as the supplier of vision technology for their production vehicles,

starting from 2007. Examples of such car manufacturers are BMW,

GM, and Volvo, who have already integrated Mobileye-based safety

systems into their vehicles.

Mobileye’s systems act as an extra eye, which continuously watches

the road, searching for potential danger the driver may not be aware

of. Mobileye’s technology provides applications such as forward

collision warning, lane departure warning, headway monitoring (for

preventing dangerous tailgating), traffic sign recognition, blind spot

detection, pedestrian protection, adaptive cruise control, pre-crash

accident mitigation, and more.

Latest studies by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the

European Union have shown that driver inattention is a critical

contributor to 80% of all accidents, and that supplying an early warning

can dramatically reduce accidents and casualties. However, the

limited application of warning systems until today (based on radar and

laser) and their high price have hindered widespread adoption of DAS

in the market. Mobileye’s EyeQ vision system-on-a-chip represents

a technological breakthrough that combines high performance, low

cost, and consolidation of multiple DAS applications on a single

platform. Over 500 man years of development of unique hardware

and software position Mobileye on the road to revolutionizing the

implementation of driver assistance systems on a mass scale.





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