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Millennium Electric

Millennium Electric

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Millennium is an Israeli based company with vast experience in the

international solar energy industry. The company has representatives

throughout the world.

Millennium has a production capacity of 100 MegaWatts per year, and

specializes in the production and installation of solar power stations

and photovoltaic (PV) solar systems. Millennium has developed a

unique, patented technology: PVT (MSS and MSS Co-Generation),

that enables maximum efficiency of solar energy production and as a

result, a return on investment and economic profitability.

The Multi Solar System (MSS) generates both electric and thermal

energy using a single integrated collector, allowing the photovoltaic

cells to be cooled by water/air, which increases its relative efficiency.

The cell cooling system generates up to 30% higher PV efficiency

annually, compared to a regular PV panel under similar hot, summer

conditions. As the cells are cooled, the water/air pipes are heated

and accumulate an efficiency of 85%: (15% electricity production

and 70% thermal energy production), which can be used for various

residential and industrial uses.

Millennium has developed a unique system using a steam turbine

that integrates the MSS system to produce electricity in a combined

cycle (Co-Generation). The efficiency of this combined solar system

is the highest and the cost of electricity production is extremely

competitive, even compared to the costs of “conventional” methods.

Millennium’s key management is comprised of professionals with

vast experience guided by the company’s President, Mr. Ami Elazari,

who is a world renowned expert in solar energy.




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