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MediWound Ltd.

MediWound Ltd.

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MediWound is a biotechnology specialty company of global, innovative

products addressing unmet-needs in the fields of burn and wound


Removal of the burn’s dead tissue (eschar) is a crucial step in preventing

infections and preparing the cleaned wound for spontaneous healing

or grafting. Currently, eschar removal involves prolonged non-surgical

treatment or traumatic, surgical procedures which involve the loss of

blood and healthy tissue.

MediWound develops and produces Debrase, the first-line product for

selective and prompt eschar removal, establishing a minimal invasive

modality for burn care. Fulfilling the unmet-need for effective, selective

and fast eschar removal, Debrase has been granted an orphan-drug

status in Europe and the US.

Debrase is a sterile mixture of proteolytic enzymes derived from

the pineapple plant stem. Presented in more than 70 international

meetings and 3 peer-reviewed papers, it is in a multinational (4

continents) Phase 3 study involving hundreds of patients.

Typically applied for 4 hours, Debrase effectively and selectively

removes the eschar, enabling accurate diagnosis and treatment

within hours of hospital admission. It leaves the viable tissues intact,

maximizing spontaneous healing and minimizing patient trauma and

surgery (eschar excision, grafting and graft harvesting from healthy

donor skin). Debrase prevents and rapidly resolves Burn Induced

Compartment Syndrome which endangers blood circulation and

may result in limb amputation, thus replacing the current solution of

traumatic and dangerous surgical escharotomy. Debrase is applied

at the patient’s bedside without need for operation rooms, anesthesia

and surgical stuff.





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