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Life Comprass is a revolutionary system for the location, dispatch, and oversign of rescue and security personnel.

Thousands of Israeli citizens are trained paramedics or doctors capable of saving lives, though most go about their daily routines without knowing there may be a person in need of assistance right around the corner. The Life Compass System was created to change this reality.

The LC locates and dispatches qualified emergency personnel who are in the vicinity of an emergency. It is able to utilize standard mobile phonesowned by emergency personnel in order to contact them.

The system consists of the following:

  • event scenario database: processes data from multiple sources in order to inform the dispatcher of the assets required to achieve the optimal response to the emergency
  • automated dispatch engine: sends dispatch requests to relevant personnel
  • event management module: manages the status of all responders, providing decision makers with a clear indication of what is happening on the ground
  • data security and the privacy of emergency personnel utilizing the system are issued through strict permissions protocols.


The LC project, concieved of and produced in Israel, is a revolutionary development in the field of emergency response. The project is the result of a unique initiative of the Israelife Foundation, a not-for-profit that promotes the use of thechnology to empower volunteers throughout Israel. The system was developed by Matrix, a leader in the development of applications for mobile devices.





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