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Massa Israel Journey

Massa Israel Journey

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MASA Israel Journey is a flagship initiative of the Government of Israel,

the Jewish Agency for Israel and its partners worldwide.

Serving as an umbrella for over 150 different Israel experience

programs, MASA brings to Israel thousands of young Jewish adults,

ages 18 to 30, from communities around the world for a semester to

a year in order to study, volunteer, and gain critical professional and

life skills.

MASA calls upon us to envision a radically different Jewish future

for the next generation - a future in which ever-increasing numbers

of young Jews will experience a transformative, long-term, Israel

program. Research demonstrates that a long-term Israel experience

is a proven gateway into Jewish life for many of today’s unaffiliated

Jews and, for others, a vehicle for deepening their Jewish connection.

By bringing thousands of young Jews to Israel, MASA will reach a

tipping point with the potential of transforming the attitude of a

generation of Jews toward Israel and their Judaism.

MASA aims to deepen engagement with Israel by bringing young

Jews to Israel to build enduring, life-long friendships, memories,

and connections; and then to send them home as more active and

committed Jews.

MASA includes a wide variety of programs suited for different stages

in a young person’s life, including: post-high school (GAP year)

programs, study abroad academic programs, community service and

volunteer programs, and post-university professional internship and

career development programs.

Since its inception four years ago, over 25,000 young Jews have

attended MASA-affiliated programs in Israel.




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