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The Maala Ranking & Index.

In its efforts to enhance corporate social responsibility in Israel Maala

- Business for Social Responsibility has developed the Maala Ranking

and the Maala Index.

The Maala Ranking was launched in 2003 and is based on criteria

in five main areas of corporate social responsibility: Business Ethics,

Workplace and Human Rights, Community Investment, Environment

and Corporate Governance.

A committee of experts and public figures, together with McKinsey &

Co, prepares and updates the Ranking’s criteria. The ranking process

itself is conducted by Maalot Standard and Poor’s and audited by

Ernst & Young. Data for the Index is collected through corporate

questionnaires, financial statements and information reviewed by an

environmental analyst.

The Maala Index - Corporate Social Responsibility in Israel was

launched on the TASE in 2005. The Index is comprised of the 20

leading companies found in the Maala Ranking of corporate social

responsibility, which comply with the requirements of the TA 100

Index. Companies in the Index represent a wide range of sectors,

including services and trade, industry, construction and infrastructure.

Since its inception, the Maala Index has traded in a close correlation to

the TA 100 Index, making it an attractive tool for investors.The Maala

Index presents a unique opportunity for investors, philanthropists and

philanthropic fund managers to make a real difference and influence

Israel while providing a responsible return on investment.





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