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Luz II Ltd.

Luz II Ltd.

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BrightSource Energy, Inc., based in Oakland, California - the parent

corporation of Jerusalem-based subsidiary Luz II, Ltd. - has recently

been awarded contracts to supply up to 900MW of solar power to

Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E), one of the largest electric utilities in

the U.S. This is the largest such agreement ever made and confirms

BrightSource as the global leader in utility-scale solar power.

Arnold Goldman, the founder and chairman of BrightSource Energy

and Luz II, previously founded Luz International, which built nine Solar

Electricity Generating Stations in California in the 1980s; the first

company to produce solar power in large quantities at commercial

prices. Key managers from the historic Luz International team

including Israel Kroizer, who served as Luz International’s senior vice

president and is president of Luz II, regrouped to form BrightSource

Energy and Luz II. John Woolard, who previously co-founded Silicon

Energy, one of the first successful clean tech companies, joined

BrightSource as CEO.

Luz II developed the breakthrough DPT 550 solar thermal technology

that will be used in BrightSource’s PG&E projects. The company will

also design the plants and provide the solar fields. Luz II has built a

pilot plant in the Negev to validate its innovative technology and is

proceeding with development of the first 100MW PG&E plant.

The experience and depth of BrightSource Energy, together with

the technical excellence and demonstrated capability of Luz II,

have enabled the company to attract significant financial backing

from VantagePoint Venture Partners, J.P. Morgan, and other major





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