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iMedix was Founded in January 2007 by Amir Leitersdorf and Iri

Amirav, iMedix is a community-powered health search engine that

allows people to easily find and share health information in order to

make better health-related decisions.

As soon as iMedix was launched it started to quickly change the way

patients around the world find health information and interact with

other patients. During the first weeks of its unofficial launch, iMedix

already assisted thousands of Israeli patients and is now helping

about half a million patients around the world.

The iMedix proprietary technology was developed by some of the

best engineers and medical informatics professors in Israel. The

technology is able to retrieve relevant health articles by studying

and analyzing the patients’ preferences. The more patients use

the system the more relevant and accurate it becomes. Using an

ensemble of machine-learning algorithms, iMedix is able to learn from

the knowledge and experience of millions of patients in order to assist

individuals in making quicker and better health related decisions.

iMedix received the prestigious best new start-up of 2007 award, out

of 82,000 start-ups from all over the world, at a recent International

worldwide competition in San Francisco.

iMedix is changing the future of humanity by allowing any individual

to benefit from the collective medical knowledge and experience of

others. In the future, we will be able to access the most comprehensive

human medical knowledge base in a single click and make better

health related decisions.





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