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ICS MOTORS presents a revolutionary new design: Two Stroke

Opposite Radial Rotary-Piston Engine (ORPE). The ORPE is light

and small, has high power output with low fuel consumption and is

environmentally friendly.

Implementation of the ORPE with the current automotive technology

will achieve the 100 miles/gallon vision today.

The ORPE employs an entirely new form of conversion of the rotary

motion of an elliptical shaped rotor into the progressive piston stroke,

and vice-versa. This constructive solution provides unprecedented

weight, fuel consumption and power output ratio and demonstrates

definite advantages over all contemporary utilized engines, including

Wankel rotor engines. The engine can be utilized in land vehicles,

amphibious vehicles and aircraft, as well as in combination with


The ORPE Advantages are:

• Low weight and small size – at least 3 times lighter.

• Low fuel consumption – at least 35% less.

• Low maintenance costs and high servicing intervals – 1.5 million

km engine.

• High power output – power-weight ratio at least 3 times higher.

• High torque.

• Environmentally friendly - meets EU regulations for 2025.

Our team includes:

Evgeni Choronski, Co-founder and CTO (PhD Aerospace Engineering,

over 30 years in R&D).

Boris Mukhaev, Co-founder and CEO (PhD Applied Physics, over 25

years in R&D).

Sergey Mukhaev, legal and business consultant, J.D. and LL.M.

degrees in International Law, and MBA.

The team has practical experience of more then 30 years combined in

building racing car engines and participating in motor races.





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