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Green Road Tech

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Green Road Tech is an Israeli startup company focused on ridding

the world of car crashes. Car crashes are the number one cause of

death for adults under 45 years old. Aggressive driving is not only

dangerous, but also costly and harmful to the environment. Aggressive

drivers consume 10% more fuel than moderate (safe) drivers.

Following product tests and extensive research, Green Road

has proven that drivers using its technology are 50% less

involved in crashes and boast a 3-7% improvement in MPG.

Green Road has consumer, fleet and insurance solutions.

The company’s patented technology leverages unique in-house

development of complex real time algorithms enabling driver risk

assessment. Advanced feedback mechanisms provide prescriptive

guidance and empower drivers to improve their own safety. The

technology is unique in its predictive abilities and positive approach

to safety.

The value to corporate and fleet users includes: ROI within a few

months of use, reduced car crashes, associated cost reduction and

improved MPG.

Consumers, mostly parents to teen drivers, can benefit from improved

awareness to teen driving risks and proactive prevention of a potential

car crash.

Leading insurance companies now evaluating and implementing

Green Road’s technology are aiming at behavior-based premiums to

be marketed to both fleets and consumers.Company headquarters

are in San Francisco, with sales and marketing offices in the UK and

a sophisticated R&D facility in Israel.

Green Road is proud to have as its key investors: Virgin Green Fund

(UK), Benchmark Capital (Israel) and Balderton Capital (UK).





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