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Green Blue Ways (GBW)

Green Blue Ways (GBW)

Environmental  -




Green Blue Ways (GBW), a subsidiary of the Green Way

Group, proudly presents: Pure Water. Green Technology.

Our world’s water sources are under constant threat of pollution,

with algae as the leading cause of global water concerns in

reservoirs, ponds and lakes:

Biogenic turbidity caused by bacteria and photosynthetic microorganisms

is damaging water used for drinking, irrigation, industry,

leisure and tourism.

Bio-fouling is having a negative effect on how we make use of

submerged surfaces, ships, canals, piers and pipelines.Secreted

toxins are damaging to the aquaculture industry.

Without the use of chemicals, GBW’s unique ecological technology

eliminates the algae polluting water sources and harming submerged


GBW’s ultrasonic technology is revolutionary in this field.GBW’s

products are much more effective when compared to other products

on the market.

Scientific studies performed by “Mekorot” and the “Technion” have

proven GBW’s effectiveness in purifying biogenic turbidity in water

sources of varying size.

Cutting-edge technology allows using compact equipment and low

energy sources - less than 1 watt for every 100 sq.m of water.

GBW’s solution is registered as a provisional patent in the United

States GBW’s system = Less chemicals. Environmentally friendly

solution. Minimum energy.

we can purify more water in the world!

we can reduce the costs!

we can prevent unnecessary diseases in third world countries!

You are invited to have a glass of water with us and learn more about

the possibilities.





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