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G.ho.st Inc. (for Global Hosted perating SysTem) has developed a

virtual personal computer, freely available to anyone, from anywhere,

through any web browser.

G.ho.st’s “Virtual Computer” is complementary to the emerging

internet-café culture and to government programs trying to bridge the

digital divide as G.ho.st delivers a free personal computer to anyone

with Internet access-no software, disk or USB drive required.

G.ho.st’s technology, winner of prestigious international awards,

introduces a revolutionary approach to operating systems, based on

the Internet instead of a physical PC “box”, while maximizing data


With G.ho.st, dozens of people can use the same computer, and one

person can use dozens of computers, enjoying complete privacy and


The Virtual Computer is “live” at http://g.ho.st utilizing Amazon.com

servers. Thousands of early users are providing feedback before the

official launch, set for October 2008.

Beyond its unique technology, G.ho.st is also groundbreaking in

team composition-an Israeli-Palestinian partnership operating out

of Modi’in and Ramallah. G.ho.st employs 35 Palestinian engineers,

making it among the biggest high-tech employers in the Palestinian

Authority.The choice of establishing R&D in Ramallah and providing all

employees with company shares expresses a vision which combines

commercial goals with a perception of personal responsibility for the

development of the Palestinian economy and of Palestinian-Israel


G.ho.st is also establishing a not-for-profit fund to promote peace by

encouraging technology literacy in developing areas in Israel and the

Palestinian Authority. G.ho.st’s CEO, Dr. Zvi Schreiber, has donated

money and shares to the fund.




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