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In 1999, world-renowned scientists at the Technion (Haifa, Israel), Dr. Yair

Feld, Prof. Lior Gepstein and Prof. Shimon Marom, began developing

a cell therapy technology for neurological disorders and cardiac


After four years of academic research, the Office of the Chief Scientist,

ProSeed Venture Capital, Shalom Equity, Vertex Venture Capital,

Vitalife and Johnson & Johnson Development Corporation spun out

the technology platform and formed GeneGrafts in seed financing.

GeneGrafts is focusing on an innovative treatment for advanced

Parkinson’s disease patients.

Long-term drug treatment of Parkinson’s disease (PD) is frequently

associated with motor fluctuation. The most effective treatment

for advanced PD patients is deep brain stimulation (DBS). However,

DBS is associated with cognitive changes in up to 41% of

patients and is not effective over the age of 70.GeneGrafts is

developing a treatment for advanced PD by transplantation of

dermal fibroblasts from the patient’s own body to the basal ganglia

nucleus - GPi. The fibroblasts integrate with the tissue and form

structural and electrophysiological changes that are associated with

de-synchronization of the target nucleus, which is pathologically


GeneGrafts has demonstrated the efficacy of this approach in multiple

long-term studies (up to 12 months) on Parkinsonian rats.

GeneGrafts is currently conducting a GLP study on Parkinsonian nonhuman

primates at the University of Illinois in Chicago to evaluate the

safety and efficacy of the technology before moving forward to phase

I/II clinical trials.





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