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Gamida-Cell Ltd.

Gamida-Cell Ltd.

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Gamida Cell Ltd. is a world leader in stem cell expansion technologies

and products and will potentially be the first to bring an allogeneic

cell therapy to the market. The company is developing a diversified

pipeline of cell products intended to effectively treat debilitating

and often fatal illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular disease,

peripheral vascular disease and neurological disorders. Gamida Cell’s

therapeutic candidates contain adult stem cells, selected from noncontroversial

sources (usually umbilical cord blood), and which are

enriched in culture using the company’s proprietary technologies. The

company’s enabling technologies have been developed into robust

manufacturing processes.

Gamida Cell’s flagship product, StemEx, is being developed by the

Gamida Cell - Teva Joint Venture. StemEx is poised to answer a

dire unmet clinical need in the field of bone marrow transplantation.

StemEx is currently being studied as a treatment for leukemia and

lymphoma in a global, multi-center, FDA/European regulatory guided,

pivotal registration study called ExCell, which is now enrolling at

prestigious clinical sites in the U.S., Europe and Israel. Gamida Cell

anticipates that StemEx will be on the market by 2010.

In 2008, the company will begin Phase I/II clinical studies on

CardioCure, a product for cardiac regeneration in patients who have

suffered a heart attack. In 2009, Gamida Cell plans to commence

Phase I/II studies on a product to treat Peripheral Vascular Disease.

Shareholders include: Elbit Imaging, Biomedical Investment, Israel

Healthcare Venture, Teva Pharmaceuticals, Denali Ventures and

Auriga Ventures.




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