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Fring is a free download, free to use mobile phone application, packed

with features which enable anyone with a compatible handset to talk,

chat and interact with other fring users (fringstersTM) and all of their

fring, Skype, MSN Messenger, Google Talk, ICQ, Twitter, Yahoo! and

AIM contacts for free, by using the phones’ mobile internet connection


fringsters are free to choose whether they connect via 3G or through

Wi-Fi at home, in the office or at the thousands of “hot spots” around,

to make the mobile call itself completely free.

As well as making voice calls, fringsters enjoy file swap and real-time,

live instant message chat - instead of SMS - with each other and all

of their favorite internet communities from their mobiles. They also

benefit from familiar PC-style indicators that display whether their

contacts are online, away, offline, in a call, on their mobiles or in front

of their PCs. With fring, there’s no need to stop communicating just

because you’re away from your computer.

Plus, fringsters have the freedom of communicating from their mobiles

to other mobiles, to PCs, or other Internet devices, regardless of

network operator and without the need for any special handsets.

Founded and based in Tel Aviv, and with users in 160 countries

worldwide, fring is a great example of the vibrancy, creativity and

success of the Israeli start-up community. We are extremely proud

of our heritage and delighted to be part of the State of Israel’s 60th

Anniversary celebrations.




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