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Extreme Reality (XTR)

Extreme Reality (XTR)

Technological -




Extreme Reality (XTR) is a world leader in 3D Human-Machine

Interaction, providing software-based solutions for 3D computer

control using hand and body movements.

XTR developed proprietary real-time high-resolution software that

analyzes 3D human motions using one simple web cam without any

additional accessories.

It allows users to interact with computers and gaming consoles, play

games and interact in virtual worlds using natural human motions

instead of using keyboards, mouses and joysticks, or any other

hardware devices.

XTR universal interface can be tailored and seamlessly integrated

without modifications to existing applications. It also runs on mobile

devices, and may be ported to any embedded platform.

While current solutions are based on expensive and limited hardware,

XTR provides simple, intuitive and low cost solutions using software


X-Mote - Virtual remote control - enables users to control and operate

devices using simple and natural hand movements.

X-Play - Full body 3D interaction - new and exciting interaction

with computers and gaming consoles using free hand and body


X-Talk - videoconference - 3D interaction and background removal for

videoconferences, computer and gaming consoles.

XTR Products are applicable to a wide range of uses and markets.

XTR is focusing on deployment of its products in the worlds of gaming,

virtual remote, training and simulations and fitness.

Looking ahead, we see our technology playing a key role in shaping

the next generation of human machine interaction in mobile phones

and devices, security, robotics, automotive safety and more.





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