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Evogene is an agro-biotech company, specializing in developing

improved plants for the agriculture and alternative energy industries.

Evogene was co-founded in 2002 by two breeders, with the vision

of combining plant understanding with cutting edge computational

plant genomics.

Evogene’s core competence is derived from its unique computational

gene discovery platform, developed by its mother company,

Compugen - an Israeli based pioneer in the field of predictive biology.

By applying computational tools to plant genome databases, Evogene

identifies key genes linked to desired plant traits.

Evogene’s mission is to discover genes that will result in improvement

of plant traits, thereby providing added value to farmers and

consumers while protecting the environment. A key aspect of these

efforts is to cope with global changes that could lead to significant

damage to agriculture and our well-being: global warming, drought

and loss of arable land.

Evogene has identified hundreds of genes for improving plant traits,

such as yield, environmental stress tolerance and fertilizer utilization.

These comprise the company’s initial intellectual property and are

being licensed to world leading agro-biotech companies. Evogene

is currently collaborating with leading international companies, such

as Bayer, Monsanto, Pioneer and Syngenta, to deliver its improved

plant traits. In addition, Evogene is collaborating with Ormat, a worldleading

alternative energy company, through its fully owned subsidiary,

Orfuel, to improve plants specifically for biofuel uses.

Evogene believes that through the combination of its advanced

technology platform and collaborations with world leading companies,

it will be able to accomplish its vision and change the face of

tomorrow’s agriculture.




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