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Early Sense

Early Sense

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The key to averting a medical crisis lays in detecting warning signs early

enough to act timely and effectively. The US Joint Commission reports

that many critical inpatient events are preceded by six to eight hours of

warning signs. However, patients today are left on their own for more

extended periods of time due to the aging population and the caregiverto-

patient ratio that is constantly becoming more challenging.

The Institute for Healthcare Improvement reports that an annual

five million lives in the U.S. alone could be saved if existing patient

supervision levels improved. To this end, EarlySense is developing a

pioneering technology designed to advance proactive and preventive

patient supervision. The company’s flagship product, EverOn, is a

contact-free system that continuously measures patient parameters

from under the mattress on which the patient is lying. There are no

electrodes to connect to the patient, who has complete freedom of

movement and need not suffer from any irritating attachments. EverOn

measures heart and respiration rates as well as bed entries and exits,

patient movement and quality of sleep. It is intended to identify and alert

medical staff to patient deterioration before a critical event arises.

The introduction of Everon promises to revolutionize patient safety in

hospitals, nursing homes and private homes. This smart supervision

system is also highly likely to increase clinical team efficiency, to decrease

healthcare expenditures and render patients more comfortable and

confident with the treatment they receive.




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