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C-True Imaging Ltd.

C-True Imaging Ltd.

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The digital revolution increases the risks involved with identity theft.

Identity-related information has become more valuable as it provides

access to almost every aspect of our daily activities, whether workrelated

or private.

Today we use multiple methods for identification, from computer

passwords to credit cards, driver licenses, passports, entrance

cards and more. The multitude of identification methods itself creates

a burden, which leads to neglect and absentmindedness that is

exploited by the identity thieves.

In recent years many governments around the world, especially the

US government, have addressed the issue of identity theft.

C-True offers the ability to identify an individual by simply recognizing

his or her face. Face-recognition is the most basic and simple method

for accurate identification. It does not require use of passwords or

identity cards - the face itself becomes the access key.

C-True’s face-recognition technology uses advanced three-dimensional

techniques for face identification, creating a global “biometric key”.

It will allow accurate and simple identification of users when performing

banking activities, using ATMs, purchasing gas, entering buildings,

accessing the computer, using cell phones, etc.

If our faces become our sole identification method - a better identity

protected tomorrow is guaranteed.

A privately owned company, C-True was founded in 2006 by a group

of experienced parties in Israel and abroad. It is located in the Rehovot

Science Park and employs leading scientists, mathematicians and

engineers. The company has advanced research labs and an experienced

management team.




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